Lola Cafe in S Maison

Opening their third branch at S Maison, Lola Cafe is set to remind people of the old tradition of spending Sundays by having lunch with the family. Cozy and welcoming, yet instagrammable, Lola Cafe is definitely set to become the newest hangout of families when dining out for lunch here in the South.

I personally love the short but sweet background posted at the entrance. It gives an insight into the history of the place which is necessary since this is already the third branch.

Aside from the lovely exteriors, it was the food that hooked me in and made me suggest eating at this place with my family. First off, they have a Crispy Tinapa Salad. This was quite a revelation because it was tinapa, mango, kesong puti, and green leafy veggies but it was also really good. I'd definitely recommend giving this a go.

They also had this shrimp dish marinated in tomato sauce and cheese. The shrimp was fresh and juicy. It wasn't overcooked. In fact, if I could have had the entire plate, I would have eaten everything off this plate.

The Bicol Express was cooked differently from what I'm used to. This was their own take and the shrimp paste is placed on top of the meat. Thankfully, the taste remained the same and it's easy to see why this is one of their best sellers.

The kare-kare is a classic Filipino dish and I'm happy that they left it as is. Sometimes, there are things good enough on their own and it needs to be honored that way. This kare-kare is one of those things.

The last dish that truly made an impression on me was the caldereta. The beef was really tender and the sauce, just right. Pair this with unli rice and you're good to go for the day.

Lola Cafe is located on the 2nd floor of S Maison, besides Paradise Dynasty. Make sure that you drop by and visit with your family or loved ones so you can create more memories while consuming hearty, Filipino dishes.

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