Monday, February 3, 2020

Mr. DIY - Planner Heaven

I've never heard of this place. When a friend told me that I should go have a look because it's a haven for those who love stickers, I knew that I had to visit.

This place was massive. It was a combination of Daiso, Japan Home Center, and an upscale Divisoria. I mean that as a compliment too.

They had containers for your stationary supplies.

They had frames for your photos and mementos.

They had a wide array of erasers for pencs.

They also had a huge selection of colored pens, pencils, and markers.

They had clips and pen holders.

They also had a huge collection of stickers.

They also had party materials.

Affordable frames.


They also have washi tapes. I think this was the most shocking thing for me. The washi tapes were cheap and amazing!

This is my washi haul.

I even made a video about it coz I was so amazed! I'll definitely recommend this place to any stationary lover.

Here's their Facebook Page


  1. Oh my God, so much stuff to use on DIYs to use on planners. I just love that place. I wish I could visit.

  2. THIS is the type of store I could wander around in for HOURS and get lost in!! It's best I go to a store like this alone! haha!

  3. ahhh that is my kinda place!!! I would love it if a store like that opens near me...

  4. I love Daiso too haha and stickers! I want to visit this place too!

  5. That place seems like heaven for my daughter. I wish I could pay it a visit.

  6. Thats the perfect store for me. I would love to move round and round and pick up my favourites.

  7. Wow, that looks like an amazing place! I love anything that has to do with creating a planner or craft of any kind. I would love to visit this place.

  8. Never been but sure looks great. Anything DIY is always amazing though as it signifies creativity.

  9. I could wonder around here and never get tired. Lots of great stuffs.

  10. This place is looks amazing I would love to take my kids to this place :)


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