Redhead Chicken with a side of Snowriffic Tea

Hidden inside one of the streets of Las Pinas is a chicken place called Redhead Chicken. Here you will find two comfort food and drinks that suit every person's taste: chicken wings and milk tea.

The chicken wings come in at least 5 regular flavors and 5 spicy variants. They even have cheese chicken wings. Salted egg, parmesan cheese, barbecue, buffalo wings, and creamy cheese were a stand out for us.

You can also order a side of fries, hotdog, burger, or even Filipino carbonara.

You can also order milk tea from their Snowriffic counter. We tried the Avocado shake which is perfect if you had the spicy variant and the Brown Sugar milk tea if you had the regular ones. For strawberry lovers, you can also get one for less than Php150.

If you ever had a craving for Chicken Wings and want to indulge, you can order unliwings for only Php230. Note that there is a time limit of 2 hours.

Red Head Chicken
#1 St. Peter St. Brgy. Pulang Lupa 1 (Beside Bernardo College)

For those interested in franchising, kindly mention MSKATHYKENNY when you do to get special discounts.

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