Thursday, August 22, 2019

BGC Eats

One of the hardest things to do in BGC is deciding where to eat. You don't just decide where to eat. You need to consider a lot of things.

Is the food great?

Is it reasonably priced?

Is the ambiance wonderful?

Will the place be instagrammable?

Is it easy to get to? Will there be parking?

You see, eating in BGC or any other busy metropolis is not just about eating. You need to think of everything which is why I decided to create a list of places where one can eat and not worry about the things listed above.

I'll list 3 places in BGC that I highly recommend going to because:

1. food is awesome
2. It is definitely bang for buck
3. Ambiance is wonderful.
4. The place is definitely instagrammable.
5. There are parking spaces if you have a car and can be easily walked to from any point in BGC.

I'll be recommending the best food to order as well per restaurant so if you try it out, let me know via the comments below.

Motto Motto in Serendra 

This fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes is one of the signature dishes of Motto Motto. It's fluffy, decadent, and a true treat. If you haven't been to Japan, this is one of their signature dishes.

When you shake this plate, the pancakes are so soft that it actually wiggles. It also melts in your mouth which is something that is unique to Motto Motto.

Izakaya Sensu in Net Lima

This rainy season, the unli hotpot of Izakaya Sensu is absolutely perfect. You can get your fill over and over again until your tummy bursts which is what I did when I ate there a couple of weeks ago.

The broth is rich and the meat tender. It's comfort food especially on a rainy weekend. Perfect for those who want to recuperate from the hassle of the weekday traffic.

This is located across Fort Strip, in Net Lima. 

Providore in SM Aura

If you are a meat lover, this is absolutely perfect for you. The Bone Marrow Burger from Providore hits the spot if you are looking for something heavy and filling.

I don't think any meat or burger lover would be able to find fault in this. Juicy, tasty, and big enough to fill you up. The fries are also bigger than your average french fries so it complements everything.

They also serve it with an actual bone marrow so it's really a must try.

I hope this helps you trim down your choices whenever you are at the BGC area. If you've eaten at any of these three places, what's your favorite?

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