Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Mother Nurture 7 in 1 Coffee Mix

Since I became pregnant, coffee has become a distant memory. Before, I would drink at least 4 cups a day. Now, I've resigned myself to once a week or once every two weeks.

My productivity has definitely gone down.

Imagine my surprise when a Facebook friend messaged me and told me about a coffee that is actually meant for pregnant Moms and breastfeeding Moms. I was like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

My first question was where can I buy this miracle drink? I've been out of caffeine for so long that I just had to have it asap. Much to my surprise, my friend offered to send me the coffee.

Bless you child.

So they sent me this Mother Nurture 7 in 1 coffee mix. I am so happy that I got introduced to this. It  is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mommas.

It also has Malunggay and Ashitaba as well as Gotu Kola. It's a lifesaver for working pregnant moms like me who needs caffeine in her system.


They also sent me this chocolate mix which I have yet to try because my sole focus was the coffee mix. I will be trying this out soon and will post a short review as well.

First impression: this will solve your caffeine fix. The coffee taste is strong in this one. It smells like coffee too! I loved it.

My Mom says that the malunggay taste is present but for me, it wasn't. It really felt like real coffee for me so my caffeine induced heart is really happy.

You can buy you own pack here.

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