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Grumpy Bird Picture Book Soared High

Hailing all the way from Canada, children’s book author and illustrator Jeremy Tankard tickled funny bones all around with his ‘Grumpy Bird Collection’ picture book series at the National Book Store’s 2019 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival.

In a special session entitled ‘Telling A Story with Pictures’, kids were treated to a laughter-fest in a special read-aloud, followed by a live drawing demonstration by Tankard. Featuring a talk from Tankard’s own life experiences, the session also aimed to empower kids with dreams to become an author and illustrator. At the same time, the session offered a fun learning opportunity about the making a picture book and a day in a life of an author.

Tankard is the author and illustrator of several laugh-out-loud children’s books, including ‘Grumpy Bird’, ‘Boo Hoo Bird’, ‘Hungry Bird’ and ‘Sleepy Bird’, published by Scholastic. A family-friendly occasion, Tankard also shared his inspiring life journey; from a boy who did not enjoy reading, to the author-illustrator that he is today. Initially a reluctant reader in his childhood years, as a boy, Tankard first found joy in picture books -- and hopes that young children today can discover the love of reading through his stories too.

An instant international bestseller, Grumpy Bird tells the story of a bird who is too grumpy to fly and goes for a walk instead. Along the way, his newly-found companions eventually cheer him up and help him shake his bad mood. The hit picture book gave way to more award-winning books featuring the endearingly dramatic bird character, in Boo Hoo Bird, Hungry Bird and Sleepy Bird. Adorably illustrated with bright colors, the series also highlights bird’s helpful friends who are always there to make the day better (often in very silly, funny ways)!

‘Authorstrator’ (author and illustrator) Jeremy Tankard was born in Cape Town, South Africa, before starting a new life in the United States. A graduate of Alberta College of Art and Design, he continues create and illustrate children books until today, and now resides with his family in Vancouver, Canada.

The Grumpy Bird Series featuring ‘Grumpy Bird’, ‘Boo Hoo Bird’, ‘Hungry Bird’ and ‘Sleepy Bird’, is available for P315 each at selected book stores nationwide.

As a parent, I'd definitely recommend this book for kids 3 years old and up. It's a great way to introduce kids to reading because the pictures will be attractive which will make them interested in getting to know more about books.

I did the same thing with B when he was a kid and he is now a voracious reader. He actually has an entire bookshelf of books which he reads over and over again.


  1. This book looks fun and engaging to read for children!

  2. looks like a very fun book to read with you kinds. Very cute!

  3. This is an interesting book for kids. I am sure they will enjoy the colorful pictures and understand the story that goes with the pics.

  4. This looks like a great book for kids! The bird is so cute! :)

  5. Wow, these books look really education and fun for kids. Is there anywhere to get these books shipped overseas? I would love to use them in my classroomn!

    1. The author is from the US and they are published via Scholastic. I'm sure your local Scholastic can help you with this.

  6. Wow, looks like a good read for my little one also. I would definitely try to look for his books.

  7. I love the book title and would love to get my hands on this Grumpy Bird book!

  8. The book covers are already fun to look at and I'm sure these children books are fun to read :) - Dan "Jay" Reyes

  9. I loved the title of this book. I'm sure the kids gonna love it

  10. Such fun books to check out. I would love to gift this to my little cousins!

  11. What an adorable book. It looks like a great read for the kiddies!

  12. Wow.. These books sre so cool. Looks like kids will definitely enjoy these.

  13. Nice one!
    I'd sure love to read this.


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