Saturday, October 20, 2018

You x Max Factor Launch

They say that makeup was created to hide flaws and to make someone beautiful to others but in more recent times, the usage of makeup has been changing. Women nowadays put on makeup to feel good about themselves and to look pretty not for others but for themselves.

Makeup used to be really heavy and hot on the face. When you put it on, it feels like there's a new layer of skin that you can't wait to take off at night. These days, that has also changed. Since women have started to accept their flaws and love themselves more, makeup has now become something to enhance how you look, not change it. It's about highlighting what makes you feel better about yourself and not about hiding the flaws.

Max Factor understands this which is why they launched a new campaign called You x Max Factor which is all about loving the life you have and celebrating who you are as a person.

I attended the event bare-faced because I wanted to be able to try out the new stuff they had to offer.

Thankfully, I got a really patient makeup artist who explained to me how to use the compact which was really light on the skin. She also told me that the shade which was perfect for my skin is called NATURAL.

This was the end result. I actually liked it. Thicker brows, contoured face, and shimmery red lips.

We were able to bring home this pouch which was really lovely.

Lo and behold, the shades that I got seemed like tailormade for me.

Of course, there were other shades.

They also introduced Jennylyn Mercado, the first Filipina ambassador of Max Factor. She was absolutely perfect because she's not perfect. She did not have a perfect life and she struggled but at the same time, she kept moving forward which is what every Filipina should aim for in life.

She learned to accept her flaws and embrace it to better herself. This is what a truly beautiful Filipinas should be all about.

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