Tuesday, October 2, 2018

5 things to do in Macau

Cebu Pacific adds another exciting international destination to its growing network to enable Filipinos’ desire to see new places. One of the fast-rising tourist cities, Macau is the latest addition to the airline’s roster, giving eager wanderlusts a chance to get a multicultural experience and discover another reason to love Asia.

The leading local carrier will launch its direct flights between Cebu to Macau starting December 7, 2018. The airline will fly travelers to the Special Administrative Region four times a week to enable more Filipinos to explore the new Asian destination. In celebration of Cebu Pacific’s new route, travelers can book their tickets for as low as Php999 during a week-long seat sale from September 21 to 28.

Travel back in time with a visit to historical sites

Macau has a rich historical background dating back to mid-16th century when the Portuguese came to the small peninsula. It was the first Far East Asian city to become a European colony and traces of its past can still be seen in the streets and architectures around the area. A quick visit to Senado Square, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, will immerse visitors in two different cultures at once. You can also learn about Macau’s participation in World War II with a trip to Ruins of St. Paul, Guia Fortress, Macau Fort, and Macau Museum.

Experience Europe in its unique tourist spots

Tourists can also find themselves experiencing a little bit of Europe with Macau’s hottest tourist spots. The Fisherman’s Wharf is a close replica of The Colosseum in Rome and offers a wide array of shopping boutiques, restaurants, and makes for a perfect location for Instagram photos. You can also step into a reimagined Italy and go on a gondola ride at The Venetian Macao.

Enjoy the nightlife at the Las Vegas of Asia

Hotels, resorts, and casinos are abundant in Macau and that is why it has been dubbed as the Las Vegas of Asia and the gambling capital of the world. Experience the high life and go casino hopping in the Asian city that never sleeps. Did you know that The Venetian Macao is actually the biggest casino in the world? You can also splurge and shop until you drop at the large shopping centers in the city.

Bungee jump at the iconic Macau tower

Adventure seekers can make their way to the Macau Tower and gear up for a 764-feet bungee jump to the ground. This attraction has even set a Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungee Jump. The tower also has an observation deck which offers a breathtaking view of Macau’s skyline, a revolving restaurant, and even a cinema.

Get a taste of authentic Macau flavors

Macau is also considered as every food lovers’ paradise as it presents an original Asian cuisine infused with international influences. Travelers can choose from a variety of dishes such as Portuguese fried rice, pork chop buns, steamed seafood, crab congee, and dim sums. You can even try desserts and street food like the famous Portuguese egg tart, almond cookies, and Durian ice cream.

So what are you waiting for? Call your friends and family and book your Cebu Pacific flights to Macau and experience the rest of what it has to offer.

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