Monday, October 22, 2018

Pizza Hut's Best Holiday Pizza EVER!

What can make a Hawaiian pizza better?

Well, it's the Meaty Hawaiian Supreme Sausage Stuffed Cheesy Crust Pizza of course! You not only get the pineapples and meat but you get the sausage stuffed crust part too! Egad!


Christmas is almost upon us with less than 70 days to go which means mini-reunions and get-togethers are definitely starting to pile up. Thinking of where to eat or what to bring to a potluck can be stressful which is why Pizza Hut wants to make things easier for you.

Each flavorful bite of this sausage-filled, cheddar cheese topped crust is guaranteed to be a winner in any gathering that you will have. Available in regular or large size, this pizza flavor is sure to be a hit when you bring it to any party.

We were able to try it at home today and just from looking at it, I knew that it would be a match made in heaven. The pizza + my tummy = HEAVEN.

Since we're a big family, we had 2 large pizzas. One bite and I wanted to eat at least 4 slices. The pineapple combines with beef, pork, ham, Italian sausage, and pepperoni topped with sweet pineapple glaze were just oh so good!

The Sausage Stuffed Cheesy Crust is available on any of your favorite Pizza Hut flavors. With the Meaty Hawaiian Supreme Sausage Stuffed Cheesy Crust Pizza, you can guarantee that any gathering you have this Christmas season will be filled with Holiday cheers. I definitely know that my Mom was over the moon soon as she saw these two beauties.

Ready to order? Call 911-11-11 or order online here.

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