Friday, October 19, 2018

Review of Kinotakara Toxin Absorbent

I think a lot of people has seen the Kinotakara Toxin Absorbent around. It promises to absorb the toxin from your body through your foot while you sleep and since we're all about getting rid of toxins and stress, a lot of people are curious if it's real or not. I know I was and so when my Mom got a couple of boxes of the Kinotakara Toxin Absorbent, I knew that I had to try it.

Does it really work?  I decided to give it a try and see how I'd feel after. So this is what's inside the box. There are two packs and in those packs is a foil container.

There are instructions written and thankfully it's quite clear. You need to remove the adhesive and place the foil with the written words facing down. It has to look like the photo below.

Then you need to place it under your heel like this.

Ideally, it's best to put on ankle socks to avoid having it off while you are sleeping.

The next day, my left foot's Kinotakara looked like this. My right foot on the other hand only had 1/4 of this.

It seems that it is the left side of my body that has the most toxins.

So, does it really work? I think you need to continuously use it to see if it actually works. I know that I felt a little freaked out seeing those black spots but I'm also taking it as an indication to live a bit more healthier.

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