Monday, October 15, 2018

Night of Indulgence with Kiehl's

Last week, my Mom and I were able to have a glimpse of the Presidential Suite of Okada which just opened to the public. It has its own wing and own elevators. From the moment you set foot inside this particular wing, you just feel the difference. It's more opulent, more upscale, and just gives you that Macau vibe.

I knew that we were about to have a night of indulgence when upon entering, we were given silk robes to wear.

They also had a fantastic photo wall surrounded by lush flowers which reminded me of a Garden of Even theme. After the initial introduction of the product, we were given access to the entire suite and boy was it fantastic.

Here's one of the rooms. As you can see, this has a king-sized bed made to feel anyone who will stay like a king. The contrast between the white of the bed and the red of the pillow also added more to the splendor.

The other room had two queen-sized bed. Yes, queen-sized and not your regular single bed.

They also had on display the Kiehl's Ginger Leaf and Hibiscus Mask. It smelled really good but we'll do the product review on another post.

There were 4 stations that were created for us. We had the massage station, the consultation station, the essential oil stations, and the instagrammable tub.

The first station I went to was the consultation area.

She did a simple test on my skin where I found out my T-zone was normal but my cheek area was dry. Eeeekk.

Afterwards, I went to the essential oil area where we got our own bottle of essential oil. I chose the one that said Cool and Calm because it had lavender and mint. The tub where the session was being held beckoned for a dip and I had to restrain myself from taking one.

3rd stop was the massage area where our backs were given a much-needed respite.

The final stop was this instagrammable tub. I can honestly say I've never posed like this in a tub and it felt really nice to be able to share this moment with my Mom. After all, the one person in our lives who deserve to be indulged will always be our Moms.

It was truly a wonderful way to launch a firming mask. I loved the everything was done just right and the event highlighted the product but did not overpower it.

Can't wait to review the firming mask next!

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