Sunday, October 14, 2018

Studio Bake Bread Gallery

Calling all bread lovers located in the South, there is a new bread gallery that will make you fall in love and forget your name with just one bite of its sticky cinnamon bread. Seriously. Studio Bake Bread Gallery which just opened a couple of days ago on the second floor of River Park Festival Mall in Alabang is set to conquer bread lovers hearts and stomachs.


Studio Bake Bread Gallery is owned by the Escudero family and is a family venture. Bea, the daughter of the CEO, is the Communications Manager and she was gracious enough to explain to us what sets apart Studio Bake Bread Gallery from its competition.


First impressions. 

We were able to try out the different bread that Studio Bake Bread Gallery had to offer and here are some of our first impressions.

Pesto Roll - This was one of our favorites. You could really taste the Pesto but the scent was not overpowering so for those who may not be huge fans of the smell but likes the taste of pesto, this is the pesto roll for you.


Sticky Cinnamon - We didn't have a high expectation of the sticky cinnamon but we took one bite and were blown away. The sticky part was present but not too much that it's hard to eat. The cinnamon was definitely present and lived up to what it should be.


Cream Cheese Bun - This one was a little bit short for us. The cream cheese felt a little lacking but it could be just that we like having cream cheese all over and this one was a bit more conservative.


There are also other offerings for Studio Bake Bread Gallery such as Chocolate Twist, Ube Swirl, Cheesy Hotdog Roll, Coffee Bun, Dinner Roll, and Baguette. They also have an amazing set of Danish bread which had layers and layers of goodness.

Studio Bake Bread Gallery is open during mall hours and is located in the River Park side of Festival Mall in Alabang.

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