Saturday, October 13, 2018

Amare DIY Pizza in Baguio

One of the most popular pizza places in Baguio is named Amare. This is such a  wonderful play on words because when you have a bite of their pizza, you would definitely say that "Amare is amore!"


One of the things that Amare is known for is their pizza which comes in big slices but at a reasonable price. Amare has spacious interior which allows diners to eat without feeling encumbered by the next table.

Amare also offers it's diners a different experience by letting you make your own pizza at no added cost. You just need to choose your pizza, wash your hands, and wait to be called then you can go ahead and create your own pizza.

This writer learned that flipping the pizza dough is not as easy at it looks and that there is a science to actually putting the sauce and toppings on your pizza.


After making your own pizza, you just need to wait for 8 minutes and then they will serve you the pizza. You can take one whiff and you can smell the brickwood on the dough.


We got to try the Hawaiian pizza and we can definitely say that for any Hawaiian pizza lover, this will make your mouth water. They do not scrimp on ingredients and there is an abundance of everything that you want on your pizza.

They also serve pasta which is already good for two to three people depending on your appetite. Their pesto pasta is a definite must try. The carbonara is also another must. As you can see on the photo below, they definitely did not scrimp on the bacon.



Amare is located inside Albergo Hotel. If you find yourself in Baguio, make sure to drop by this place and have a bite of their pizza. If you are feeling adventurous, why not make your own pizza too?

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