Monday, October 1, 2018

Review of Chateaubriand

Sometimes, it feels good to dress up a little bit and enjoy a few slices of premium steak and fine wine. This is what Chateaubriand has to offer anyone who steps inside their door.

Located beside the OLD DFA building along Roxas Blvd, Chateaubriand is very easy to spot because of its sprawling exteriors. As you can see from the photo, the exterior is quite impressive.

When you step inside, the interior is also quite impressive. I love the white leather chairs and the dark walls and ceiling. It felt classy.

They don't really have a buffet spread. They have a few items here and there that are meant to complement the main star of the night, the churrasco. They have a few Japanese cuisine dishes such as tempura, salmon, and maki.

They also have nachos, salads, different kinds of cold cuts, fruits, and different desserts. They also have 3 kinds of juices, rice, beef, and pasta.

Now they have a process. If you look closely, there are two chips. When the red side is up, it means you still want to enjoy the mini buffet spread. When you are ready for your churrasco, then you turn the green side up.

Here are some of the few things that stood out for me.

This is the Frango Con Bacon which is chicken wrapped in bacon. What I liked about best about this was the fact that the chicken was really soft and easy to bite. The bacon was also not overwhelming so for someone like me who isn't a fan of bacon, this was good news.

The Linguica was a combination of bangers and Hungarian sausage. I loved the bangers, did not like the Hungarian sausage.

The Pescado is good for those who want to watch their weight yet enjoy their food. The grilled marlin was definitely more than enough for anyone who wants to watch their weight but also indulge with good food.

This is the Fraldinha. This is choice flank steak marinated with Brazilian spices. This was definitely one of the highlights of the night. The meat was tender and definitely juicy.

The Abacaxi was the perfect way to end the overdose of meat. The grilled juicy pineapple coated with cinnamon and brown sugar was enough to wash off the taste of the meat from your mouth.

To end the night, I had Caramel Latte.

It was a truly wonderful evening. The place was instagrammable, ambiance was absolutely perfect, and the food delivered on taste, presentation, and diversity. I happen to also have the perfect date for the perfect night.


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