Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pizza Volante opens new branch

Pizza Volante is one of the oldest restaurants in Baguio. To most people who were born and grew up in Baguio, Pizza Volante is already an institution. During our most recent visit to this wonderful city, we were happy to discover that they have finally opened a bigger brand located right across Wright Park.


Pizza Volante serves an all-day breakfast meal which features Arroz ala Cubana, big breakfast meal consisting of tocino, tapa, or corned beef with egg. There are so many choices they needed two big laminated pieces just to jam everything in. This is, of course, our way of saying that you will most likely find something that will fit your taste.


A fair warning. The Arroz ala Cubana is pretty big. We were not expecting it to be this big and heavy but it was definitely a welcome surprise. The taste could be improved a little bit for the meat part but the rest was really good.


The definite must try is, of course, pizza.


Their pizza is cooked through a brickwood oven which gives it an earthy taste that enhances every flavor in every bite you take. There's just something about brickwood oven pizza that makes it more appealing to your taste buds. Sometimes, it even makes you eat more coz you just get a burst of flavor in your mouth.

For those who may not be huge fans of pizza, you can also try out their pasta. The shrimp pasta was served with fresh shrimp and a whole lotta sauce. We can definitely say that Pizza Volante does not scrimp on their ingredients which is probably why they have lasted this long.


If you find yourself in Baguio, make sure to drop by Pizza Volante and have a taste of one of Baguio's oldest restaurants.

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