Friday, July 4, 2014

Zalora Marketplace

Lately, I have become one of those people who just doesn't have time to go to a shop and buy something. Since I already know my size and what works on me and my body type, I have actually learned to rely heavily on online shopping and Zalora Marketplace enables me to do just that.

The first piece I got was a flat that was nude and had some crochet design and I simply loved it. It goes well with almost anything and it is really comfortable. During the launch early this week, I simply fell in love with Zalora Marketplace more and more because of the variety of products they actually have.

I fell in love with the bags, clutches, shoes, and accessories. Some of the more notable ones were ANNA bags, ESTELA convertible cover ups, and TUTUM flats. I am simply in love with it.

Thank you Zalora Marketplace. You are a savior to working Moms like me as wwell as shopaholics all over the Metro.

Zalora Marketplace

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