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BGC Eats 2014

And its back on its second year! 

The BGC group first launched BGC Eats last year and due to its resounding success as well as the demand to showcase the latest restaurants and places to visit in BGC, they are launching BGC Eats 2014 which will start this weekend, July 26, 2014. 

For this tour, we were in for the Science theme and so we had a Mind Mover from Mind Museum accompaning us to explain about why certain foods react the way they do which made this tour quite unique.

First stop of the tour was at Gustare which is right beside Goose Station. Gustare is actually not your typical restaurant but more of a venue you can book to hold private dinners or small functions. When I say small, its a maximum of 20 pax. 

I loved the Mango Sansrival of Gustare. It had a lemon twist to it which brought out the flavor and gave it an interesting touch. I also liked that the place was quite cozy and homey. 

Next on our stop was Prost and I have to admit that I initially had misgivings for it was just beer and sausages but I am thankful to have been proven wrong.

I super loved the Goulash that they served us. It was spicy and hot and it was just really tasty. The only downer was that it was a sample size only. 

As for the sausages, definitely Prost knows what its doing. It's meaty, tasty, and cooked just right. Paired with rice and this would have been absolutely divine but then its the Asian in me looking for the rice. 

The last stop of the tour was at Mind Museum where we got to experience their newest program, Future Feast. 

Future Feast is the culminating event for The Apocalypse Project: Imagined Futures, an exhibition about our environmental futures under climate change.  Future Feast celebrates human creativity and our hopes for a sustainable future, which needs the efforts of everyone on the planet. 

Invited chefs design dishes that we might eat in fifty years as humanity needs to rethink its food supply in a Convenience Store of the Future. A collaboration with Radio Republic presents its featured upcoming and established artists of the month as part of their Go! Experience event series. The event also holds a tinkering studio for children, spoken word performances, a Climate Change Couture closet, an environmental scavenger hunt, and other activities for people of all ages, highlighting the different pieces in The Apocalypse Project exhibition.

We had to eat some of the creations that were made. It was quite a challenge eating cubed locusts and banana bread made of earthworms. It was definitely an experience. 

Thank you BGC Eats for this opportunity. It really was quite an afternoon.

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