Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Heston The Happy Monster

When I first saw the name on IG, I was intrigued so I took a look at the profile and much to my delight, its actually someone who bakes pie that double as a cake. I took a gamble and it paid off because it turns out, it was meant to be that Heston the Happy Monster will make my B a happy child on his 9th birthday celebration.

I love that she was able to personalize the pie with a birthday greeting. I loved that its colored blue since my kid is a boy so its more appropriate. It also tells me that she pays attention to detail which matters and this was pretty evident in the pie.

The Elvis Pie is actually Miss Innah Gan's version of the banoffee pie. What I like about her version is that the coffee is more evident but it comes with strong hints of the banana and chocolate. I like that it wasn't overly sweet and it wasn't too in your face.

It was more of the smooth, creamy, sweet, and savor in your mouth kind of pie. It's the kind of pie I can eat in one sitting if I am utterly depressed and a couple of slices if I just want something sweet.

The Snickers Pie on the other hand was very gooey, sticky, sweet, and full of nuts and chocolate. B loved it. If he hadn't gotten sick, he would have consumed the entire thing in one go then I'd had have to deal with a super hyper kid.

I'd definitely recommend Heston the Happy Monster to my friends, followers, and everyone who will listen. It's definitely worth every penny spent.

Thank you for making my son's 9th birthday a very memorable one. Your cakes were awesome.

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