Monday, July 28, 2014


I was able to try Abe a couple of months ago when I went on the Mega Food Tour with Anton Diaz but it was only their Lamb Adobo that I tried. This time around, I went back to try their other dishes with my sister, son, and best friend.

Abe is the Kapampangan word for friend, brother, and getting together. 

We ordered the Ensaladang Mangga, Kinilaw na Tanigue, Lamb Adobo, Tidtad, Morcon, and Bamboo Rice.

I love how the bamboo rice was served. The servers do a little drumming and the other staff participates. It's actually quite a presentation. To be honest, it was the main reason why I ordered this dish and thankfully, it was very good. One serving is actually good enough for 5 people.

This Tidtad is probably the best thing that Abe serves. It's actually pork variety meat served Kapampangan style. It's sinfully delicious in the sense that this plate will make you eat 8 cups of rice.

The Kinilaw na Tanigue was also a delight. It was very fresh and the meat fish was very filling.

Lamb Adobo of Abe is as always really good. This is another dish that people who are on a diet should never order for you will break your diet. The meat is very soft and the smell is appetite inducing.

Abe is definitely a must try and a place I'd go back to again and again.

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