Friday, July 18, 2014

Nail Cocktales

Nail Cocktales has several branches but the main one is located in Tomas Morato and for this day, we were headed there. When I first heard of the name, my initial thought was, "how can you drink and get your nails done all at the same time?"
Well, I got my answer when I gave this place a try and boy I am glad that I did.The interiors were so cool to the eyes and it instantly gave off a chillax vibe. I liked that.

I love the color combination of the place and I found it very soothing to the eyes and to the soul. Fhis spa, I decided to get the foot reflexology and the Organic mani pedi.

The reflexology was just too good. You see, I walk a lot and I wear heels so its not the most comfortable feeling when I take off my shoes at night. It's painful and it leaves this throbbing ache in my foot. It hurts when I walk and it hurts when I put it up at night.

This is mainly why I chose the reflexology. My foot needed it and I'm so happy that I chose it because it was so so good. I could feel my muscles untwining with every knead that the girl was doing. It was simply heaven in her hands.

The manicure I got was also very surprising. It was definitely a first for me to try an organic hue and one that changes depending on the weather. You see, when its inside the house, my nail polish is hot pink but outside, it becomes dark red. Crazy right?


Thank you so much Nail Cocktales for this great experience. I was really relaxed after and trust me when I say that my nails still amaze me days after I had it done. Haha.

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* I was invited to review the place. I did not pay for the services rendered. However, the free service did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION.   

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