Monday, July 14, 2014

9 lessons from my 9 year old son

My son is an old soul. He is smart, funny, witty, infuriating, forgetful at times, and he is the most forgiving person that I have ever met. I hope that as he grows older, this trait will never be lost. In the 9 years that he has been in my life, he has taught me so much and I'd like to share it with you.

1. It's okay to loosen up. You see, since I am a single Mom, I tend to be uptight and controlling. I think its because I feel like I have to play two roles and I need to balance it out and because I try so hard to balance things, I end up not balancing anything at all.

2. It's okay to get wet. You're probably thinking, eh? You see, I hate getting wet. In fact, I loathe getting my feet wet when its raining and nothing can make me easily upset than getting my foot wet on a puddle or due to the rain. I simply hate it.

However, I am slowly learning that its okay. It's just water and I can easily wash it off or wipe it off. It's just water and so are many of life's little irritating things. They are just water that I can wash off or wipe off.

3. It's okay if I'm not perfect. B will still love me. Anyone who won't love me because I made a mistake is not worthy of my love.

4. We should always be thankful, especially for the really small things.

5. We should forgive those who hurt us. B is one of the most forgiving person I have ever met and I am always humbled at how he can easily forgive without thinking twice.

6. Forget. B easily forgets things that hurt him and slowly I am learning to do the same for to remember does you no good.

7. It's important to rest. B sometimes refuses to sleep in the afternoon but when he is tired from school, I would just see him curled up in the sofa fast asleep with a book in his hand or a loomband. I am reminded that though I do a lot of things, I need to remember that I also need to rest.

8. Say I love you when you feel like saying it. B does this and I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when he says I love you at the most random of times.

Lastly, and the most important lesson is to JUST LOVE. B just loves and he loves unconditionally. Even when I am not the best Mom that he can have, even when I have my shortcomings or sometimes work too hard ... he understands and he just loves me.

I am so blessed to have such an awesome child. Thank you Lord. And to you B, happy 9th birthday. I am so happy you are my son.


  1. Love can really do wonders :) You know i love reading your blogposts, it makes me feel emotional.


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