Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the story of L

Today, L and I finally got to talk. After 3 years of being incommunicado save for what was apparently a drunken text and a sober, apologetic email, he and I have not talked since December 10, 2010. Yep, I still remember the date simply because it was also the same date I watched RENT.

I finally got to ask him the question that bothered me most when he just disappeared. I think he was kinda prepared for the question and was sort of expecting it but I still asked it anyway. "Why did you just cut ties just like that?"

He told me he just got fed up. He felt like he gave it his all and I still wasn't returning anything. I reminded him that it was the situation and he knew about it. Unfortunately, his emotions got the better of him and perhaps, he was just too young at that time and so he cut ties, just.like.that.

He told me what it was like in his shoes and how he felt. He correlated it to his recent ex actually. Ironically, his recent ex and I have similarities. Superficial I believe but still uncanny. Her initial is also K, she works in the same company and account where I used to work when L was courting me, and she also had a gay best friend who works at Accenture.

Our talk helped clear a lot of things. It served its purpose which is closure for the both of us and I guess, in a way, it paves the way for us to be what we are meant to be which is friends.

Yes, I can say now that L and I are friends. On the last day of my 32nd year, I'm glad that this bridge that got burned 3 years ago got resurrected once more. It feels good to have one less person  hating you.

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