Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gigi Coffee and Cupcakes

Ever since I read about it in Yummy Magazine and saw the photos, I have wanted to visit this place. I've asked the funny man when we were still together but we never really made it. Last Tuesday, I finally got the chance after having breakfast with my team and so I grabbed it.

I really loved the interior of the place. Its so refreshing and the furniture and the green moss floor was just too cute for words. It was very inviting.

I got 6 of their cupcakes and tried out their Hot White Mocha which was a lot different from the Hot White Mocha of Starbucks. It wasn't as sweet but it was creamier. It was also a lot cheaper which I really liked because it was only Php85 for a large cup.

I got the lavander, peppermint, salted choco cake, red velvet, apple crumble and green tea respectively. Each cupcake costs only Php40 which was really great!

Verdict. We liked the apple crumble and the lavander was an experience. If you want to know what soap and body wash would taste like, this is it for you. It was baffling but in a good way.

As for the others ... I felt it was so so and lacking. It wasn't outstanding. It wasn't memorable. It wasn't impressive.

Would I go back? Perhaps ... but it would mostly be because of the price. For the price, it was good enough. For the taste though, I'd gladly pay more if I could get more out of the taste but then again, that's me.

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