Thursday, October 3, 2013

an afternoon with Mommies ...

Yesterday, my plans of just writing and doing nothing else were abruptly changed when a Mommy friend of mine from B's school came a calling and asked me to come over her house which was 15 minutes away from my house.

She said that another Mommy friend of ours was also at her place and that there were issues with B's school that I might not be aware of. Of course I went over and found myself being absorbed in the world of Moms who are very involved in the school life of their kids.

You see, I can't afford to do that since I am also a working Mom and my schedule changes. My work place is also pretty far so I really barely have time. However, when the Mommies and I were all chatting yesterday, I realized that though I may not always be around, I have established that my son is not someone that people can just mess with because I will definitely come with guns blazing.

Hearing the Moms reach out to me and ask for help made me feel valued ... made me feel that though some people would say I am "mataray," at least my son will never be picked on or treated unfairly because they know that I will never accept that just like that.

So to you Moms out there, always stand up for your child and for what you know is right. Teach your child the same things. Teach them to stand up for themselves and never let anyone pick on them. If you know that you are right, fight for what you believe in. Thank you fellow Mommies for reaffirming that what I do for B is indeed right.

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