Thursday, October 24, 2013

the stay in school Moms

Last week saw me hanging out with the Moms of FALS. Now, this is a pretty rare occurence since I have work and its never really been my thing to hang out with the Moms in B's school since most of them are stay at home Moms and I feel like I really can't connect with them. Boy was I wrong.

I spent half the day just hanging out at B's school waiting for them to start with game day which was the 2nd day of their foundation week.

When the kids started with rehearsals and games, the Moms were left at the gate. At first I was thinking, "Is this all we're going to do?" Apparently, it is.

Wow. I was so amazed. I couldn't imagine just sitting there or killing time waiting for the kids to come out and these women, this is what they mostly do. Wow!

Because of these women, I appreciated my Mom's patience when she used to watch over me in school before. From kindergarten to Grade 3, she would just be in school with me from the time I go in till the time I go home. I never really contemplated on what she would do the whole morning and afternoon but when I was at B's school, I was going bonkers.

I was like, "you can't be serious about staying here the whole time?"  I was just in awe of their patience and dedication. It was an eye opener.

Thankfully, some of the Moms agreed to go with me to Mystic Brew Cafe to kill time. I also wanted to share with them this kitchy cafe that I just recently discovered.

I had the Meow Chai while the other Moms had the frappe which they loved. The Meow Chai was the drink for me though. It was soothing. It was relaxing and the taste was just a burst of flavor inside the mouth. I really, really loved it.

We also shared this chocolate cake and while munching on this, I learned more about the lives of Stay in School and Stay at Home Moms. I am humbled.

What they do is equally hard if not harder. I get all stressed with work and people at work but at least I get paid. They go through the same but they don't get a salary. Oh boy! Now that is dedication.

To you Mommies and to my own Mom, I salute you.

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