Saturday, October 26, 2013

B and the bronchitis

This week saw me as that panicked and worried Mom. You see, B had a fever from some infected wound that I thought he told my Mom about and so I was sure that it was being taken cared of. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

He hid it from my Mom and so the wound got infected. He started running a fever.

I took him to the doctor and mind you, the last time I took him to the doctor was back in 2008. Yes, it has been 5 years so you can understand why I panicked that we had to take him to the doctor again.

They took his weight and height and I was so disappointed with myself with the results. B's height was average for his age but his weight was lacking 11 lbs. Haayyy ....

It seems that though he eats in a way that puts a carpenter to shame, he also moves in a way that puts a centipede to shame. Yes, he's that active.

The pedia reprimanded me a little and I felt like a little schoolgirl being reprimanded once more by my terror of a principal. Ugh.

B was quite sad during the check up because he knew it was his fault why he was sick. He kept running around in school till he dripped like a faucet with sweat and of course, the sweat dries up and voila, he has bronchitis. Hayyy .... It's a good thing this pedia we got was very pleasant and actually funny.

She told me to come back next week and not worry so much. I guess it showed in my face or in the outfit I wore which screamed, "I'm a Mom and I'm a very tired Mom."

I tried to take a shot of B after the check up but he hid his face. Apparently, he feels shame. Sigh. My son, 8 years old, feels shame. It's a good thing right?

Overall, this was a struggle for me. I felt helpless and I guess, I over thought and worry too much. Then again, I am a single Mom.

Hayyyy ....

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