Thursday, October 10, 2013

what to expect when you're expecting Northern Big Bites

There are a few things one can look forward to when you visit the Northern Food Festival of Marquee Mall. As the title of the event says, you need to get ready to take some BIG BITES. Yes siree ... BIG BIG BITES.

First on the list and mind you, these are personal recommendations of mine based on what I tried yesterday. My gosh ... it was only yesterday that I was stuffing myself silly with so many food.

This is the Apag Marangle Sisig Wrap. It was so good that I regretted only getting 3 pieces. I know I could have downed 30pcs without even blinking. It was just so good ... imagine, fried sisig and fresh lettuce. HEAVEN!

Christy's Special Bulacan Chicharon is next on my list. I'm not even a fan of chicharon but I had about 10 pieces of this. It's already a lot because we were feasting on so many other things.

Sweet Heavens from Nueva Ecija's Leche Flan is to die for. I actually kept remembering Tito O, FM's dad because he's also a fan of leche flan and this one ... this one is definitely to his liking. It was smooth and creamy and oh so yummy. It was DELICIOUS. It was indeed heaven on earth.

We also had a taste of Kabigting's Halo Halo. Now I was thinking what the fuss was all about because is was just halo halo but when I was able to try it out, I finally understood. The filling inside was definitely a whole lot different from the standard halo halo. The pastillas, the bean paste, the combination of everything was just really great.

You can read all you want about my food adventures but as they say, its always best to try things on your own so why not head over to Marquee Mall in Pampanga on October 18 -20 and have the gastronomic experiences of your life.

this is me getting a surprise with grilled frogs

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