Sunday, November 3, 2013

33 and counting ...

A few days ago, I turned 33. Truth be told, I had no plans of celebrating it but my siblings had other things in mind. They refused to accept the standard food I order during my birthdays and for some reason or another, we ended up at Tagaytay.

Yes ... from home delivery of generic celebratory food, we ended up at Tagaytay. I still can't quite figure out how that happened but in a way, I am glad that we did.

We had dinner at Pamana which was bittersweet because the first 2x I was there, FM was with us. He was, in fact, the one that introduced the place to me and my family. I felt a pinch when I saw the table where we had our 2nd date but I shook it off and ensured that I did not look at that area the whole night.

My family ordered quite a feast and thankfully, they liked everything that they ordered. It was a dinner filled with lots of munching and talking. In hindsight, I think my family was also trying to ensure that I would have a good birthday because they know that I was feeling blue.

my Mom making fun of Death
me after seeing the bill hahaha

Afterwards, we headed off to Starbucks and chill. This has been part of our ritual whenever we go to Tagaytay. Starbucks there just seems to have more oomph and this is most likely because of the weather and ambience. The only other place who would give this branch a run for its money is the Camp John Hay branch in Baguio.

Afterwards, my siblings and I had some Big Gulp from 7-11. I don't know where we found storage in our tummy for this one last drink.

Now this is what my Mom got me as a gift and what my son wrote on my bulletin board. Sweet right?

I thought my 33rd birthday was going to be a sad one. I'm glad that I have my family and they ensured that it would be a fun one ... one filled with love from people who love me unconditionally and would never leave me.


  1. sweet ng family mo, they really made sure that you'll have a blast on your birthday... happy birthday Kathy! ^_^


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