Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pepper Lunch

I was at Shangri-la with FM around 2 weeks ago when he told me that he was hungry and wanted to eat. We went around the place until he saw this place. I was not happy.

You see, I've eaten here before and I did not like it. Since it was FM, I decided to give it another go but I was prepared to hate it. We ordered the chicken and the seafood plate.

my chicken meal
seafood meal of FM
So there I was, apprehensive and in doubt when he told me to mix it up fast and put some sauce into the meal. Eh? I never did that before. He then showed me this.

Apparently, the reason I did not enjoy my previous dine in with Pepper Lunch was because I did not mix it and my companion back then was also an idiot who did not know the right way to eat the meal.

For this one, I can guarantee you that I actually finished the entire thing and even ate some of FM's seafood thingie. Now I understand what the fuss is about Pepper Lunch.

Thanks FM. You may not be a foodie but you surely taught me something about Pepper Lunch. Mwah!


  1. I was able to eat at Pepper Lunch about... Twice in my whole lifetime? Lolz!

    The food's OK but the price's a bit expensive :P I prefer "Sizzling Pepper Steak" over "Pepper Lunch though"

    Cheaper and satisfying :)

  2. I love Pepper Lunch! :) It's quite expensive, but totally better than Sizzling Pepper Steak.

    Sharing my review for PL here: http://www.thepurpledoll.net/2011/10/pepper-lunch-sizzle-away.html

  3. Love Pepper Lunch too! Nothing beats them. I don`t find them expensive at 215 for a beef pepper rice while the copy cat is at 205 so no difference in price but PL is way way better in quality and taste! woot woot!


  4. what an experience lol. see it's good to discover things right? :-)

  5. Never ko pa natry dito sa Pepper Lunch because I think they're expensive. Pero the meals look a lot like those in Sizzling Pepper Steak. I'll try to visit Pepper Lunch nga din.

  6. I love the big servings but I found some of them too oily.

  7. to tell you honestly, i haven't tried this. is it the same as sizzling pepper? that one I did try and it was just so-so.

  8. wow thats a new way to have your rice eh?!! will surely try it one day xx

  9. Me and my husband tried this place once pa lng. Ksi we got a not so good service there when we were in their branch in Cebu.. =(

  10. Pepper lunch is okay for me but a bit pricey. I prefer the price of sizzling pepper steak. But, I never liked the chicken variety in pepper lunch. In terms of taste mas flavorful ang beef nila.

  11. I haven't tried Pepper Lunch yet. Mukha kasing expensive. Hehe. One of these days, I'll put that on my list. :)

  12. ganun pala yun...buti na lang nabasa ko tong post mo...baka kc di ko rin yun haluin pag kumain ako dun.

  13. Just had my lunch there last Friday. I agree with Sumi that its way better than Sizzling Pepper Steak. ^_^

  14. Thank you for finally enjoying our food with the right instructions ;-)
    Mix it up and Enjoy!

    Also a big thank you for blogging about us and we hope to see you again with us soon! :-)

    stay updated:




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