Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goodbye Magick ...

She was our dog for 12 years. She's half spitz, half something (we don't know the breed of the father) but she was OUR dog. She was very sweet, loving, and caring. Whenever I had problems, she'd sit beside me and nudge my arm using her snout and place her head on my lap.

Now, she is gone. After 12 years, she has gone to doggie heaven. I am heartbroken.

I miss her. Badly.


  1. Ouch, it reminded me of our dog named "Rontonton" long way back, I'm still a kid of about 6 or 7 years old.

    When one of my tito made it as pulutan. I cried a river since I so loved him. But what to do, how can I wrestle to an older guys and fight to win him back and not to be "pulutan". Weird, kasi noon kinakain nila ang aso sa amin. In fact, I've tasted it before. But now I can't do it anymore.

    Well, life moves on. matatapos din yang kalungkutan mong yan. Cheer up! If one is lost, a beautiful dog will enter in soon. :)))

  2. Condolence. I know how it feels when a best dog bud leaves. We've been to quite a few heartaches na din. But I'm sure wherever Magick is now, she's happy.

  3. Condolence

    It's hard losing your pet, I sometimes wish that they are immortal so they can live forever. I'm also grieving for my pet cat.

    They say they are in pet heaven, happy and running everywhere. I'd like to think that too

  4. Aww. That's too bad. Anyway, 12 years is quite a long time for dogs.

  5. a dog has a life span of 13 years...., in one year, it is equivalent to 7 years in human age....

    i know it's sad to lose a pet, especially when we loved it like family and at the same time, it has loved us the way we never imagined it,

    i'm sure she's happy now, and finally in good hands with God



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