The Jeepney

I was sorting out my books in my bookshelf, covered in dust, dirt, and some things I never wish to know when my phone suddenly let out a ring. It was loud because I was at the new house. It was the funny man. He was wondering if I was free yesterday evening. As luck would have it, I actually cancelled yesterday morning the dinner I was supposed to have with some bloggers. This invitation, I could not resist. He asked if I would like to go to Hotel Intercon. Since I am not used to a guy asking me to eat at a hotel, my initial reaction was to ask what was with Intercon. I thought that maybe there was a party or an event. He answered, "dinner." Oh, dinner. *blushes in shame for the ignoramus that I was.* Hahahaha.

As always, he arrived on time. Good thing I was already dressed and ready. We tackled traffic and arrived just in time for the 8 o'clock reservation he made at The Jeepney. It seems my tummy was in for a night of indulgence. Hmm, this is fast becoming a trend.

I liked the interiors of the place. It was cozy, homey, and warm. I liked that it made you feel welcome and the colors used were not loud nor too bright.

The funny man and I had a grand time trying out the food. We didn't eat in the order that most people would where it would be appetizers, soup, main course and dessert. Basically, we just grabbed whatever we fancied and we fancied a lot of food. 
enjoying our desserts
What I liked about going out with the funny man is the conversation. No matter how serious the topics we talked about, we almost always end up laughing over something silly.  Highlight of the night was when he actually had to massage his face to stop himself from laughing too much. Now that, was a hilarious sight.

This is the 5th time we have gone out and I can honestly still say that I am looking forward to more.

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  1. Me too! Looking forward to the next chapters of Kathy and the Funny Man! :D

  2. looks like you really enjoyed your date with funny man :) I can see happiness all over the last pic :)

  3. How was the food? I used to pass by that restaurant a lot.

  4. The food there is great I swear! especially at breakfast!


  5. aww. sounds like you had a great time! :)

  6. I thought the interior looks like a jeep because of the name but i'm wrong haha but the interior looks cool and unique though. :D Interesting place :)

  7. Medyo kinilig naman ako rito kahit di kita kilala personally hehe.

    I haven't tried dining here. How's the food btw?

  8. a perfect dinner, funny man for a date and a good food, perfectly match, tells us naman some of the funny and silly kwentos you exchange, heheheh... did not see much of the food except for the desserts so kwento na lang hehehe...

  9. The exterior looks simple. The interior is the exact opposite - surprisingly welcoming. :)

  10. nice name for a restaurant... just quite expecting more about their interior... well, food is more important... Yahweh bless.

  11. such sweet people to look and to wait for another chapter xx

  12. I like its interiors but the smile on your face because of your FM would be for the ages.


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