Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lugang Cafe

I can't believe I have forgotten to post about this place. I think its because my date for this place was forgettable and really just an epic fail.

Let's start shall we?

Lugang Cafe finally opened a branch at SM Mall of Asia and being the food addict that I am, I wanted to try it out. One afternoon, A for effort guy asked me out. I really didn't want to go but he persuaded me.

We met at MOA and ended up here. I loved the interior of the place. It looked posh and clean.

After pondering for a few minutes, I decided to just get the following:

Xiao Long Bao
3 cup chicken
The Xiao Long Bao was simply divine. It was tasty, fresh, and really really good. I just needed for it to be a bit hotter but its all good. I could have eaten the entire thing but I only consumed 3/4. Haha. As for the chicken, I really didn't understand the fuss. A lot of bloggers have raved about it but it tasted like ordinary chicken to me.

The raspberry mango juice however was a definite winner for me. It was sweet, a bit sour, and tangy. It was refreshing.

Now, for the best part of the night. When the bill came, my date looked at me and said, "you're treat right?" OMG. Seriously? You asked me out and I'm paying? I didn't even want to go and you forced me. So I looked at him without batting an eyelash and answered, "No! How thick skinned can you be?"

He looked sheepish and asked if he could borrow some money and he'll just pay me when we find an ATM. My gosh! Can you believe it? Argh. What an idiot right?

So I paid and trooped him to the nearest ATM and made him pay me. After, I ditched him. Sigh. What a failure. I can't believe that there are still guys out there who are just that thick. Seriously!

Hopefully, my next date at Lugang will be much better. I need to delete or replace the humiliating moment I had there the first time.

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  1. I want to try Lugang's Xiao Long Bao! ;) You should try Shi Lin! ;)


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