Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bubble Tea

FM brought me to SM North since I mentioned to him that I have never been to that mall before. He even had a little trivia for me. Apparently, SM North is the biggest mall in the Philippines, not Mall of Asia.

While we were on the way to the parking lot, I happened to see this little signage.

FM shuddered and I laughed. He knew my addiction to milk tea but I was feeling nice that day and thought to myself that I'd just try out this place on my own in time. Much to my pleasant surprise, we ended up having our meeting here for some project we are working on.

I was giddy. The interior was done in the cool colors of green and white which I loved. It was quirky and it was homey.

I ordered their Taro Milk Tea with Taro Crums and FM ordered the Royal Milk tea. We also got the Takoyaki which was one of their best sellers.

Taro Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea

THE takoyaki
I honestly enjoyed the takoyaki more than the milk tea. It just didn't hit the right taste or the taste I look for in my milk tea. However, the Takoyaki ROCKED! I could have eaten the entire plate but I made sure I gave FM half his share.

So, there goes another milk tea adventure for moi.


  1. I Love bubble tea!!!!

    you should try their sushi, they're delicious!


  2. There's a branch near the office. :) I want to try the Takoyaki! :D

  3. this is my favorite milk tea place, unlike Happy Lemon. I love their Honeydew milk tea w/ mango bits. California maki and their yakiniku are a must try also.


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