Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fuerza Bruta with FM

It was his first attempt to surprise me and boy did he succeed. I never even had an inkling that he was getting tickets to watch Fuerza Bruta. Sure, he asked me a couple of weeks back if I wanted to see it but it was a couple of weeks back and he never mentioned it anymore. We weren't even together yet back then.

I had given up hope of watching this show. First, the tickets weren't cheap. Second, it didn't seem like a show you should watch alone. Third, I couldn't find time to get the tickets.

FM took care of all that and for that, I am very grateful. He doesn't seem to be the kind of guy to do surprises so I really, really appreciate this gesture.

me with the tix, super duper happy
Wednesday came and off we trooped to Manila Hotel tent to see the show. First thing I saw upon entering, a kick ass lounge.

After staying at the lounge for over 30 minutes and enjoying a glass of Fuerza Bruta, we trooped to the main area which was a blank space. Seriously. It was just this huge space and we didn't know what to expect. However, this is what we experienced.

the pool above us

underneath the gliding foil
underneath a rain of confetti

It truly was an experience. It was an assault on the senses and it was spellbinding. Thank you FM for this wonderful treat. I will always look back on this night with a smile on my face.


  1. the photos showed how you enjoyed the night.

    it was an awesome show i believe :-)

  2. Fuerzo Bruta looks interesting! ;)

  3. We wanted to watch fuerza bruta too! Looks really interesting and fun! :)

  4. I am really glad that your story with FM continues fabulously. He seems to be perfect for you. Bravo FM. Am I hearing any wedding bells soon?

  5. Cool! How sweet of him! For sure the photo speaks for itself! You had fun that night! :)

  6. amazing! i've watched it featured on Jessica Soho.. i want to watch it!

  7. oh glad you had that surprised treat! and Fuerza Bruta show looked very interesting when I saw the features on tv. i'm happy for you!!

  8. natuwa ako sa confetti.
    your boyfriend is so sweet:)

  9. first time I heard of this and it does look cool and fun.


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