Saturday, March 17, 2012

Studio Kitchen

It was a Monday and I initially had no plans of going out after work but when Purple Doll informed me that there was an Eats a Date event that will be held in Alabang, I immediately grabbed the chance to see her and partake of another Eats a Date.

I got lost and had to walk 3 blocks to get to my destination but I was so happy to be there. The place looked comfy and the aircon was blasting. I immediately took my seat and chatted the night away. We had to because that night, Studio Kitchen only had one chef to cook for the entire place and though it was a Monday, the place was packed more than usual for a Monday night.

I was immediately served a Ceylon Iced Tea and it was refreshing. After, the dishes started pouring in and boy were there many.

The Fresh Green Salad (Php300) came first followed by the Lapu Lapu Rossejat (Php595. and the Fresh Crab Salad (Php330.) However, it was the Funghi Pasta Ala Chitarra (Php490) that first caught my attention.

The mushroom was oh so yummy. Seriously! I wished they took out the pasta and just left the mushrooms there. It was that good. I can't remember for the life of me the taste of the pasta (not that it wasn't good, it was) but the mushrooms were just succulent.

Next that they served was the maple glazed pork belly (Php540) which deserves a description on its own.

Do you see how it glistens even on photo? Do you see it shining so much you can practically put your make up on and use it as mirror? It was that scary.

The oil and the fat were just too visible, too out there, too much in your face. It was crazy. Looking at it, it was already enough for us to shudder but we had to be brave and get over the idea of having a heart attack after one bite and took our chances.

Yes, we ate it ... we ate it and we lived. I lived anyway. I haven't checked on my friends to see if they too survived.

Nah, I'm kidding. However, it really was just a bit too much fat and a bit too much oil. I think this dish could be more enjoyable if they managed to take off the fat and lessen the oil.

Finally, they served us Braised US Beef Short Rib (Php695) which was so soft the meat literally fell off the bone and Dutch Veal Cheeks (Php925.) This one had a story on its own as well.

The server said to us that it was duck "cheeks" ... maybe it was just how we heard it but we were thinking the whole time, "seriously? they can cook duck cheeks this big?" It was funny.

The taste of this meal though wasn't funny. It was GREAT. It was soft and the sauce was just right and everything fit perfectly. It was one of those meals that make you go "oh yeah, totally worth it.!"

As with everything, they saved the best for last. The desserts were to die for. They should switch to serving just desserts because they have a knack for it. I could have devoured everything 

Laiskonis Egg (php130)
This egg looks so simple but the taste was so good. It was a combination of sweet, sugary, and chocolates all over. It was heaven in an egg.

The maccarons and the chocolate biscuit were also a treat. I'd definitely pass by this place with FM one of these days and get some for my Mom. It's oh so delish.

Overall, I would have to commend the chef for a really wonderful attempt to still cook up a feast eventhough it was a one man show. Hats off to you chef.

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 


  1. no wonder why your blog is so kulayful---i guess having the food in this article are few of the reasons that makes your life kulayful---

    ang sarap ng mga food na natikman mo...pero napansin ko walang soup :(? hmmmp

    soup is one requirement when I eat---I dunno but its one of the best for me ---so when I dine out I really look for a soup---

    for me If they have tasty soup---then the rest of the food taste good :)

  2. I can never forget that Laiskonis Egg. Heavenly, yes, but daaaamn pricy. XD

  3. Funghi Pasta Ala Chitarra looks amazing. Parang nakakbusog talaga.
    Btw, the macarons are <3

  4. A single chef for all those food? Wow! I'm sure you had a great time. I think the glazed pork belly is too small for its price, or maybe it's just the photo?

  5. ..just wondering if this "eats a date" event was FREE? usually, events like this are free, right? though you mentioned the prices, just wondering... ;D

    anyway, yeah, the fats sa pork are very visible..heheheh..

  6. the dessert is to die for. and i could literally die if i eat any more pork so iwas muna.

    love all the dishes prepared except for the pork. again... ;)

  7. Ang sweet ni Sis Sumi for informing you about Eats A Date :) Saya naman!

  8. hehe I was looking for the 300 peso green salad. I love all sorts of salads! btw, I think he's one good chef! :)

  9. i want to go an eats a date event too!

    i noticed it's pricey, how about the servings? if it can be shared by two then i guess it's fine.

  10. that pork really look scary at first glance. But I'm pretty sure it was delicious.

  11. the price is not affordable not pang masa.pwede pang special occassion lang or can afford to eat regularly.

  12. It's early morning pero parang gustong-gusto ko yang iced tea mo na yan, hahhaha.

    Anyway, after reading Gagay's comment now I wonder the same. Was it for free?

  13. Inisnab ni Sumi pm ko :-( Di kami nakasama :-( hu hu hu! Sama mo kami next time.

  14. oh heaven are those macaroons..sayang wasn't able to join you guys!

  15. ang galing ng title ng event: eats a date. And the food looks amazing too.

  16. i love mushroom, pork and crab salad! good for how many people per order like P540 for pork belly?in itself seems expensive i feel. may not be the case if good for a group or for sharing.thanks

  17. I really think Studio Kitchen has potential, baka talagang na pressure lang si Chef since he was the only chef around during that day. I'd still give this a try when I get the chance. Dying to eat that Laiskonis Egg again! :D


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