Sunday, March 11, 2012


This place is something that I have passed by almost everyday when I'm at work. I never really paid much attention to it until I saw a feature on it in a TV show.

I've visited this place before but wasn't much a blogger back then so its the first time I was able to really pay attention to the food and the place.

I was lucky enough to get a lunch break at the same time as Ja and so off we trooped to Claudettes. We ordered some pasta, sandwich, and the best selling cake.

The cake was really good. It wasn't an overkill and the taste just glides in your mouth. It was smooth yet creamy and not heavy on the tongue.  The beef stroganoff pasta was also delish! I was very happy with my choices because both of them were really great albeit heavy on the stomach.

I am definitely going back here when I can and of course, it will be with Ja, one of the most real person in the world.


  1. The cake looks good. :) I hope I'll get to try this. :)

  2. Masrap ung cloud nine cake nila (im not sure if un ung name) me malapit na claudette's sa office namin eh. =)

  3. yummy cake!!!!


  4. The cake looks delish! :D Will definitely look for this when I visit Makati :D

  5. the cake looks yummy. where is claudette's by the way?


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