Sunday, June 26, 2011

wounded knees

When we were young, if we fall down and scraped our knee, a kiss from Mommy and a few bandages and we are all good. If we stumble, we cry, then get up and walk again. If we have a fight with our friend, we can be assured that the next day, we'd patch things up and be friends again like nothing happened.

Nowadays, we don't scrape our knees anymore and we rarely stumble but we still have fights with our friends. Unfortunately, we can't be guaranteed now that we can just patch things up the very next day like nothing happened.

Nowadays, we don't just scrape our knees. We scrape our innocence, our humanity, our dignity at times, and even our souls. We don't stumble and get up. Sometimes, we stumble, fumble, and lay down on the floor moaning before we realize that we need to get up  and running to survive. We have fights with our friends and we hold grudges and burn bridges. Sometimes, we let things go ... we let the things that matter to us go.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were just kids again and all we get are wounded knees?

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