Wednesday, June 15, 2011

breaking the shell

Two events inspired this post. One of them was that my son is finally attending school which has led me to feel some sort of separation anxiety and the other happened last night in the middle of my freaking out over an incident and speaking with K to calm my ruffled and panicky self.

Today's FB status had the following words: "I need to let go and let him learn to fly on his own. There will be bumps, falls, cuts, and bruises but this is how he will become stronger. I need to let him fall so he will know how to stand on his own.." 

Last night, K told me that he's been feeling a bit down lately. It seems that there have been some struggles in his life when it comes to work and some people surrounding him. Negative energy has a way of bringing us down and making us feel not so good.

These are the two events that triggered this post. In some ways, B and K are both going through something in life that are posing as a challenge.  One is welcoming it with the youthful naivete of a child ... with wonders and amazement because its a new world. The other is a bit wary and jaded but trying his best to overcome the odds because he knows that to be negative and allow gravity to pull you down will do no good. 

To both of them, I say this ... 

Just like what I said in my previous blog post about growing trees, one needs to be broken so that you can be molded into what you need to be, not who you think you need to be. You need to go through the dark for your star to shine the most. You need to experience rain so that you can see the rainbow in the sky. You need to fall, stumble, struggle to get up so that you can stand high and proud. You need to be beaten over and over again to be firm and strong. You need to go through hardship to appreciate the moment you overcome and win. 

So savor this moment ... this moment is what is making you a stronger and better person ... this moment is preparing you for what is to come ... the greatness of things you are meant to do and the awesomeness of the person that you will be. Savor it, it will be what defines you.

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