Sunday, June 12, 2011

chicboy, you live up to your name

When you get into a  relationship with a "chicboy," most likely you will end up with your heart broken. The same thing happened to me when I decided to give Chicboy (the fast food place) a try.

Don't get me wrong. The food was okay. Big portions, unlimited rice, and taste was good. However, the service sucked. It sucked so bad that I couldn't even muster the energy to give them hell since they were bordering on pathetic. It was so bad that we just finished what we had and left vowing to never eat at this branch again and to tell people how bad it was because it was really just that BAD!

It started out good. My sister, son and I were just done buying books and was about to head home when my sister asked if we could eat out. Since she starts school tomorrow and B starts on Tuesday, I thought, we could have a simple back to school lunch. I saw Chicboy in front of Star Mall Las Pinas and decided to give it a shot. I was pretty excited too because I've heard the food was really good.

First thing that went wrong was they run out of the 2 best sellers they had. Mind you, this was barely 12 noon on a Saturday and they said that it was all out already. It seems the manager was not able to do a good projection since there was A LOT of people and any good manager would know that there should be stocks of the best sellers.

Next, other things on the menu were also sold out that I got to a point where I asked the cashier what  was available since it seems more than half wasn't. I was pissed. I was excited to try the Cebu Liempo and Cebu Chicken and it wasn't there.

Third, the food took more than 20 minutes. Hello, fast food? Not so fast I say. We had to call the attention of the waiters multiple times before they even realized that they seem to have "forgotten" us.

Fourth, the food of B took 30 minutes and when it got there, the grilled chicken had "bloody sauce." Eeeeewwww.

Fifth, the cashier had to be prompted a couple of times to give me my change and  receipt.

Sixth, the manager had the gall to tell me it wasn't blood on the chicken  but some sort of red sauce they put in the chicken. Hello again???? The other chicken did ot have the "bloody sauce."

Lastly, the manager said this ... "So were just gonna refund that chicken and you won't eat it anymore?" Wow! My son waits for 30 minutes and the stupid manager tells me he's gonna return the money and my son just won't eat. Good job!

Seriously, they all need to go through customer service training because they don't seem to have it. I wasn't even expecting anything spectacular. I just wanted my food within 10 minutes and for it to be cooked thoroughly. Is that too much to ask?


  1. Wow! That is very bad service.. >.< Anyway, I haven't eaten at any Chicboy branches yet. Ang loser ko talaga. haha.. There's a branch quite near my place though, so I'll give it a go some time soon.. :) Hopefully nothing like this happens. It's been several months na rin naman and Chicboy should've trained their personnel properly already.

  2. never tried chicboy yet. Ill see for myself siguro naman hindi lahat ng branches katulad nito.

  3. this is just so very frustrating - Lastly, the manager said this ... "So were just gonna refund that chicken and you won't eat it anymore?" Wow! My son waits for 30 minutes and the stupid manager tells me he's gonna return the money and my son just won't eat. Good job!

    I cannot even put words on the manager. I have not tried this fast food yet but surely would not try it for now.. it just show that his/her crew is following him/her attitude.

  4. Oh my! oh my! really bad.. ganon din kaya sa iba nilang branches or sa karamihan ng branches nila? malamang. haha. I've tried Chic-boy branch along Boni Ave. Pero kasi lunch time yon and talagang ang tagaaaal maserve ng food! mula non yoko na :(

  5. chicken should be cook thoroughly .bloody meet is a no no.they should close it if they don't have most of the menu on the list .

  6. hhhmmm i never tried that Chicboy.. but I have also a bad experience on fast food chain Chowking.. do you know their Sweet and Sour Dish something? The one with meat balls? yeah that's it.. it happens that instead of yummy meatballs.. it's a rolls newspaper dipped in a meatballs sauce! GOsh I'm really pissed then...

  7. Hmmmm. Too bad. I have high expectation of this place from my friends in the metro because their food is good daw. I have never tried to eat here though.

  8. A lot of controversies about this Chicboy. From what I've heard from you and other people, I don't think I'm going to try that "fast food" resto soon.

  9. i want to try chicboy but i always hear and read bad reviews so hindi na lang. as in puro porr service ang reklamo.

  10. yeah true Chic-boy has a very bad service. mas gusto ko pa ang service ng mang inasal. kahit na ang may ari ng chic boy ay dating owner ng mang inasal but still he is still a co owner of the mang inasal.

  11. Chicken and pork are white meat. They need to be check every time they serve to the customers because the meat should meet the standard cooking point. I think the cook should learn that part as well as the manager.

  12. I've never eat at Chicboy yet. Too bad they have a very bad customer service and PR. I hope your son was able to eat. Wawa naman baby mo:-( Nag antay super tagal tas gutom :-(

    Next time around bring him to CYMA instead.

  13. don't like the food at chic-boy, not yum at all :(


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