Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wooing 101

This post is long overdue. Seriously. It is long overdue.

As my loyal readers would know, I have had my fair share of yey and nay dates. Yey because they were really great and nay because they sucked so bad that I wish the clock hands would just pull each other so that I could go home and get it over with. Since I have been on my own fair share of dates, I think I can honestly say this and have a valid point.

Men nowadays don't know how it is to woo a woman. They have no freaking idea. Men from before at least knew how to make a woman feel special and wanted. Men nowadays, pfftt! It is so shameful to be honest.

Yes you may have your player game book, you may know the right moves to get a girls number, you may get her in bed but afterwards, she can easily forget you as soon as the next man hits her bed. What I'm talking about here is being the guy that she will always refer to and say, "HE was the one that got away."

Now, if I was a man ... here's what I would do.

1. If I don't have the money, or the financial capability needed (which is something I hear a lot from guys nowadays) I will not let that get in the way. I will still make it a point to see her and spend time with her. There are a lot of different ways to spend time with someone on a limited budget.

One of the best dates I had was spent at a park. We didn't spend anything. We didn't do anything except talk. We just talked about a lot of things and we had fun. It still brings a smile to my face.

2. If I do have the money, and the girl is so used to dating (like me) I would go for a crazy unique kind of date. I won't take her out to dinner and a movie. Seriously. Use your imagination. Be creative.

A photo walk would be nice. I had one at Intramuros and we grabbed some drinks at Mini Stop and then hanged out at Starbucks after. It was fun and we got lost. We never actually saw Intramuros on the inside but we had great shots of pebbles, a store, and lots of good memories.

Take her to an Arcade, a museum, a gallery, food trip at a nearby province, or if she's athletic, take her gaming at an air-soft site but for the love of God, do not ask her to a movie and dinner if you really want to make an impression. 


3. If there's competition, well and good. I would be worried if the girl I liked is not being admired by anyone else. Seriously. Guys nowadays cringe at the thought of competition. I don't get it. Wouldn't it be so much better if you won the girl that everyone wanted? Wouldn't it be such a sweeter victory?

4. If there's no competition, be thankful as well.  You are the only one smart enough to have seen what a godsend she is. Swoop down and ensure you put on the titanium helmet before she realizes she can do better.

5. Letters. Never underestimate the power of letters. A text is cute, posting on her face book wall is great, but a letter that is hand written is still something else. You won't die if you grab a pen and paper and WRITE.

6. Serenade. I don't mean grab a guitar and sing underneath her window. I mean, sing to her on the phone, sing to her when you guys are walking, sing to her when there's a quiet moment, or simply dedicate a song or make her listen to something.

This is such a power play because  from now on, every time she hears that song, she will remember you. She might not want to, but she will.

7. Take down notes. When you are strolling in a mall, talking, or what have you, if she mentions something that she likes, TAKE DOWN NOTES! PLEASE! PLEASE, for the love of Adonis and Casanova, TAKE NOTES!

You need not buy her a bouquet of American long stemmed roses which will wilt and die. Yes, she may smile and like it. She may blog or tweet it, but soon as that wilts, you wilt. However, if you get her something she wants, something she craves, something she's saving up for, you have been IMMORTALIZED!

She will be in awe that you actually took notice (come on, you guys have the attention span of a kid who has ADHD) and she will be overwhelmed and grateful that you got it for her. It makes you appear sensitive and someone who will go out of his way to make her smile.

He shoots! He scores! 

8. Be nice; not just to her or her friends and family; that is already a given. Be nice to the waiters, the guards, and the ones that normally won't matter. Be nice and she will think that you are someone worth introducing to the family; someone worth  keeping.

Lastly ...

9. Be honest. It's really not that hard. Tell her what your intentions are and be consistent. Actions without words make everything a guessing game. Words without actions make you just another douche bag. Consistent actions and words make you the perfect guy to woo her.

There ... it wasn't that hard was it???


  1. Hi Kay! I love this post. Very well-written :) Men just suck at winning a girl, er, woman's heart. I wish I could, accidentally, show your post to my boyfriend...hehe... even married men can learn a thing or two about continuing to woo their wives.

  2. Thank you. :) I just got to a point that it was so frustrating. I had to vent.

  3. You are most welcome. Sana gawin. :)


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