Wednesday, June 8, 2011

paying it forward

I've never really watched the film Pay It Forward but I do know the gist of it. Someone does a good deed and if you are the recipient of one, you need to pay it forward or do a good deed to another perfect stranger.

Random strangers have been nice to me in the past and I try to do the same when an opportunity  presents itself to me. I may stand to let an old woman seat even if it means I will be riding the bus for at least an hour standing up. I may share my umbrella with someone when there is rain and this other person doesn't have an umbrella because someone has done this for me as well. I may pay for someone's meal without them knowing or make a donation somewhere.

I wish that more people would pay it forward. It saddens me and angers me like no other when people act like they've been done an injustice when asked to pay it forward or do something nice. Seriously, these people should just get struck by lightning.

When was the last time you paid it forward? 

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  1. Funny how here, Brazilian men do not stand up for women on the bus. The tragic thing is that when I do get up and get a woman to sit on my seat, they look surprised about the gesture.

    Last time I paid it forward was when I met one trader in person and we agreed on exchanging Starbucks mugs (our common passion ^=^). I brought mine but he brough two (there's a longer story behind this). I was embarassed but he was very kind. So I mailed him one of my really precious mugs that he still didn't have in exchange.

    Yes, people need kindness, specially in this day and age.


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