Sunday, June 19, 2011

Colorful Weekend # 1

It's my first time to join on this wonderful weekly meme and I honest have no idea what to post. I don't have any colorful photos but I think I do have this.

Last Saturday, I started a facebook page for my blog. It's called Life is Kulayful and I am simply humbled by the number of people who have already LIKED it. On this page, here are some of the things I have posted which I hope would inspire the people who visits.

These are the things that make life colorful for me. :) How about you?

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Oh, and please LIKE my facebook page. Thanks!


  1. nice thoughts, sis! :)
    have a colorful weekdays as well!

    our colorful weekend entry is here.

  2. i so love the first one! so true!! visiting via colorful weekend sis! hope you could drop by my entry here:


  3. Love those words especially the thing "you deserve to be respected". Visiting thru Colorful Weekend

  4. Mommy added these to her Pinterest. Visiting you late. Here is my Colorful Weekend entry:


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