Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A new friend brought me to this newly opened hole in the wall resto in Salcedo Village in Makati. I wasn't really expecting much since he mentioned it was Filipino food which is not on my list of favorite cuisines

The first thing that stuck me about the place was how small it was. It was very cozy and homey and thoughts of intimate gatherings came into mind. It was perfect for a date, a very small party, or even business meetings. The place was conducive for small talk and making you feel like you were at home but with a butler and chef to cater to your whims.

When we were just about to order, they served free appetizers and it's cute how they renamed classics.

chichirya de manila
puto with aligue mantikilya and kesong mantikilya

It was actually pretty good. I like the tanginess of the aligue and the keso offsets the taste. It was a perfect combination.

We ordered KareKareng Crispy Tadyang, Veggie Soup, and Lechon Sisig.

Kare Kareng Crispy Tadyang

Lechon Sisig
Both dishes were heavenly. I normally don't pig out at night but I had too much to eat because of these dishes. If my pants were not bursting at the seams, I would have eaten more. It was oh so good. The KareKare was just right. The peanut butter was in abundance and the sisig, oh my gulay, the sisig was pure joy. I don't care about the cholesterol. It was SO GOOD.

And here we are with the owner and the chef. The owner is the guy in the forefront on the left side and the chef is the one beside me.  Hats off to you sirs!

And thank you for the complimentary dessert you sent over. I loved it!

What I really liked the most was the way they would call you ...

"How do you like your food Senyorita?" Senyorito?"



  1. Thank you so much for sharing your views and opinions on X046 the staff, the food, the ambiance. I can not wait for my forthcoming visit to Manila and savor these delightful meals done with passion from a chef I hold dear to my heart and so proud of.

    Myra Masigan

  2. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and pictures of X046, its staff, the meals, the ambiance. I am truly looking forward to my forthcoming visit to Manila to savor and experience what many patrons have had at X046. I am truly proud of Chef Ck as I know his passion is culinary arts and combined with his imagination whips up all these delicious meals. Now combine that with the business wisdom of Andrew and Sandee... its just a total winner!


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