Sunday, June 26, 2011

4th meetup of the Fil-Chi group

Even the weather wanted us all to meet earlier tonight because it decided to rear its beautiful head after days of endless rain pouring in. The sun smiled and we spent the night with smiles on our faces.

This year, the Fil-Chi group has met a total of 4x. The first was in January where 4 of us made it. The 2nd one was in April where 5 of us made it. The 3rd one was the most successful in terms of attendance because everyone in the group actually made it. The 4th one, which happened earlier tonight was also a great success because we added 2 more people into the group which increased our very small family from 9 to 11.

Yep, we are that small.

We had dinner at Vikings in MOA and I'm very happy that we were not disappointed with the place. It was very cozy and the ambiance presented by the lighting and comfy couches were enough to make you stay till closing time which is exactly what my group and I were guilty of. We were there until almost no one was left.

What made the night pretty interesting was the exchange of men who were in the group. When one leaves, someone else passes by and replaces the other. Look at the group photos.

GO also dropped by for a visit which was really sweet of him. I wasn't able to make the SB meet up earlier in the day because of the rain but at least we still saw each other coz he dropped by. Sweet!

Overall, the dining experience did not match the fun we shared as a group. To more Fil-Chi meet ups and to more good food.

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  1. i've been longing to try this out but i just don't have the luxury of time driving all the way to moa.


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