Saturday, June 11, 2011

comedy of errors ...

It was the first time we went out. We have been talking about hanging out but it was only tonight that we finally got to actually hang out. It seems that fate finally smiled on us because his two plans for the night were cancelled and mine was too.

Then again, fate played a joke because we just really hanged out and ended up walking around Mall of Asia for 1.5 hours, being stuck in the car in traffic for another 1.5 and we spent 1 hour eating at Yellow Cab after first choosing on different places. UCC at MOA, UCC at Resorts World, Burgos at the Fort, UCC at Westgate ... until we ended up at Yellow Cab because of the insane traffic.

We just laughed about it. He said that since I was laughing about it, he ended up laughing as well. He said that if I had frowned, he would most likely be upset as well. I just found it really funny. Besides, what matters is that we got to talk about a lot of things, including his budding lovelife.

apparently we both love SARSI

my favorite Shrimp and Garlic

he told me to try the tomato soup ... I ended up eating the entire thing hahahaha ...
The best part of the night, he got me something from Hong Kong. He initially told me that he wasn't able to get anything for me so I was very surprised when he handed me a Starbucks paper bag in the car. This is what was inside the bag.

He got me the 2 mugs I needed to complete my Jersey collection and he also got me a Macau magnet. There were cookies as well and it was just really sweet.

I'm grateful for his presence in my life. In some ways, he makes me feel special though I know that there is nothing more to it than what it is now. Still, for a minute here and there, he makes me feel special.

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