Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good Earth ...

I've constantly had dinner at the Greenbelt area and have tried over 20 restaurants there. I've seen Good Earth a lot of times but I've never been pulled in to eat there. Tonight, this changed.

I met up with a friend who introduced me to his set of friends and we ended up eating at Good Earth. Initially it was supposed to be at Max Eat All You Can. It was full, as expected. We then proceeded to Mr Jone where there was no room available inside the restaurant. Finally, we went to Good Earth.

I liked the ambiance of the place. It was clean and it smelled really nice. It was spacious and the lights were just right; not too bright but not too dim either. They had a set menu worth Php1399 for 6 people. Here is what we ordered.

crispy chicken


century egg and jellyfish salad

chicken chow mein
beef with mushroom

mandarin chicken
The food overall was good. The taste was right and the serving was just enough. The food was not lacking and everyone was able to enjoy each viand. Even their black gulaman with lychee was really good as well.

Good Earth = Good Eats. :)


  1. Good Earth is yummy! I remember their pancit was also very good. Chicken chow mein I think? <3

  2. There you go! That's what I was looking for .. chow mein. Haha. Thanks!

  3. ah..friend mo si NJ? sure ka? no regrets? hehehe...

  4. Yeah, he's my friend. Almost a year na rin. He's been very nice. Definitely no regrets. :) I'm his Ate. :)


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