Friday, June 24, 2011

I love the rain but ...

A lot of people are happy that the weather is cold and that the scorching heat is finally out of the way. A lot of facebook status messages have been cropping up encouraging the rain to stay and to give it its all. I don't get it.

I really don't get it. 

I find it so selfish of these people. Maybe its just me, maybe I'm crazy but I don't want this rain to continue. I can't be selfish enough to just think that simply because I'm safe and sound at the comfort of my  home that its okay if it rains heavily and that the streets are flooded.

I worry. I worry about family and friends who are outside. I worry about the people who are stranded and have nowhere to go. I worry about the people who are stuck in the rain with no umbrellas. I worry about the street children who have no shelter and the people who live on the  streets. Where will they go? How will they sleep? What if they get sick?

Yes, I worry about them. They are still people. We need to care about them. We need to think about them.

So I say ... rain, its okay if you want to pour but do it one time big time. Rain because the earth needs it and the plants need to be watered but please, do not rain for days on end and intermittently. The cold wind and cool ambiance you bring may be soothing to some but for most people, it brings sickness, stress, worries, and problems.

So I say once again, rain, please go away.


  1. oh i soooo know what you mean. i hate rainy days. give me hot, sunny weather, humid even, any day. sigh. the endless rains makes me anxious. at least in the hot weather you can find ways to cool off, but with floods you're almost powerless :(

  2. Exactly. I don't get why people rejoice at the rain esp when its so heavy.

    Sigh. I wish Falcon would go away already.


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