Saturday, June 25, 2011

Colorful Weekend #2

My 2 week vacation is almost over and I didn't go anywhere but stayed at home. I scrapbooked and I watched some DVD's that I have been needing to watch. Sorting my photos have made me realize how colorful my life truly is. I love the fact that I am able to look back and see mementos from events or little doodles and quirks to remind me of the special things that happened on a certain day that I was able to capture with my camera.

Sharing with you all my scrapbook layouts ... have a colorful life filled with different shades for it is in these different layers that we get to truly live a good life.

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  1. You have just reminded me to sort and properly arrange in their albums photos of my daughters. Late visit from Colorful Weekend. HERE is my entry. My blog is still lonely, hope you can follow back. Thanks and hope to see you around!

  2. I like the Father's Day scrapbook the most. I don't know how to make scrapbooks but I like looking at them.

    Visiting via Colorful weekend. Here's my entry: I love Sqwishland Pets

  3. Wow! Tiyaga mo!

    I scrap too but using digital elements.

  4. Apir! I'm just as true blue traditional in scrapbooking as ever. Busy weekend! Thanks for coming to the Colorful Weekend party! :D

  5. thanks everyone! I'm very traditional when it comes to these things e :)


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