Friday, May 13, 2011

tribute to Golden Spoon

I hate yogurt. Seriously. I even had a post where I talked about our short lived relationship. Trust me, it was very short. Lately though, I kept seeing yogurt houses popping everywhere. I gave it another shot but much to my dismay, The White Hat is black in my opinion and Red Mango sucks. Seriously. Red Mango??? Ewwww.

So when my sister asked me to try Golden Spoon, I was beyond skeptic. It was just her puppy eyes and earnest smile that convinced me to have a taste of this yogurt and lo and behold, I finally found one that I can actually tolerate.

Fine! I love it. The CAKE BATTER flavor is to die for. Proof? I actually shelled out some money for it and enjoyed a cup by myself. Of course, proof is nothing if only for words so TA-DA!

Cake Batter with Almond Toppings ... YUMMY!

great shot right?
I see myself visiting again.

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