dear prince charming ...


Remember me? Yep, I'm your princess. You seem to have forgotten my existence. Are you immensely enjoying being single? It's a good thing if you are but I do hope that you won't forget that in those fairytale books, the ending is that you are supposed to find me, sweep me off my feet, slay a dragon, and give me a kiss so that we can live happily ever after.

Okay ... maybe that's a bit much. You do not need to slay a dragon for me, however, I do expect you to defend me if needed and not hide behind me when time comes. I may be a tad bit wide but I do wish that you will be man enough to defend me. I mean, sure, I can probably beat the crap out of someone or kill him with my words but you gotta flex your muscles a bit too.

And okay, you don't need to sweep me off my feet since I weight a lot but it would be nice if you can be sweet and thoughtful from time to time. I would appreciate a small rose here and there, a love note, or small surprises. Seriously. I'm that kind of girl who would smile at a balloon or a written love note.

You do need to find me. This one is a non negotiable. You HAVE to find me. I may have met you already and you're just too busy with other things; our eyes may have met at a certain corner; or you may still not know that I exist. Shame on you. I am here. I am waiting. FIND ME!

When you do find me, I promise that I will love you the only way I know how. I will not surround you with me love but I will make you feel that you will always have a spot in my life. I may be busy with a lot of things but I will never be too busy for you. You may not be my number one but you will be the only one. I will support you in everything that you do (except when its something that is really wrong) and I will be your light, your guide, your muse, your inspiration.

But first, you really gotta find me. I am just here. I am waiting.